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Hey boys and gurls.

It's been crazy the last few months, and with all that, I'm hoping to move out here in the late spring.
so I've updated my commission information in hopes to help raise funds in order to do that.…

take a peek if you'd like.
Hey folks!

Long time no journal!

Anywho, I've been pretty busy these days. Mostly due to working a job in retail my webcomic!
I'm still working on commissions, so those who are waiting on me thank you for your patience! I plan on having them done by the end of the year.

And hopefully Mind January Ill have a Store envy up! With prints and other goodies you can snatch up!(most of which I haven't posted anywhere online yet till the store  goes live.)

so whatchu guys doin?
Hey folks!

I'm gonna be participating in 24hr comic day today over at the open book with a bunch of other cool comic people! Including my  dear friend brandie hanson :iconouchimoo818:!

I'm gonna attempt to record my progress and update my progress through out the night in hopes it'll keep me motivated!
You can check it out over at my artblog at!~
So stay tuned!

so read it or something I guess.
well for one thing, I hopped on the bandwagon and got myself a redbubble.

Which you can see here.…

secondly, I need to get my own website. I'm looking at dreamhost for a server.

any advice or suggestions?
The powerchord to the power button just fell out….thats why I couldn't turn it on..

I'll give you a hint.

The hint is me.
So SPRINGcon ended up being pretty much amazing. It was really what I needed right now.

I met a lot of fantastic people, got a TON of feed back on my work, I sold a lot of prints, a lot of people sounded interested in miss ultimate. Saturday night I had to go home and print out more bisnizz cards. I got to see a lot of internet friends, I got meet TWO voiders.

It was overall just a great experience, and after a lot of crap that's happened lately, it's just what I needed to get back in a good state of mind.
Currently taking them if you are interested.
SO I've applied to MCAD, hoping to enter their Animation program. I've bit the bullet, I'm tired of feeling like I'm going no where, so I just need a change up. I'm hopeful. I've got a good man writing my letter of recommendation and I was told I got "Near perfect" scores for my portfolio submission.

Wish me luck muthalickas.
The  Minneapolis Indie expo has come and gone, and has left me with A LOT of thinking to do.
I enjoyed the experience greatly, I learned a lot about self promotion, about other fantastic local artists, and how much of an adorable dweeb Josh Lesnick is in real life, and how much of a dweeb I can make myself be in front of cool people.
I sold a fair number of prints, and got a few people somewhat interested in my work. I even had a really cool lady come up to me and say she was a fan of my work on DA and was excited to see me at the show.
I never felt so honored  and accomplished.
the show as a whole was a little slow, and not really our target audience.  to be fair, the point of the show was to expose the community to cool local comic artists and become more informed about sequential art, but I think a lot of people were mostly there to do something free on a weekend for an hour or so, rather than really get into it.
But I can't complain, it was a good first show and I learned a lot about what I need to do. I need to starting to sign up for shows, expo's and con's and just get aggressive.

I need to start working on my fundamentals. Be more rigorous with my personal study on Perspective,Color,compostion and what else have you.
Also, the poor staf was working on an extremely small budget at the Soap Factory (where the show was held) and very limited amount of staff and helpers.

Overall. I'm pumped to do more.
What comics do you guys like?
I want to let people know of a huge issue that has been affecting not only me, but several other Minnesotan Comic artists for the last several Months. That Issue is the so called publishing company "Under Dog Comics" Which conned several months' worth of work and emotional turmoil out of myself and the artists I also worked alongside with.
Such as:iconouchimoo818: and :iconk-manske: , who are wonderful and talented artists and the only positive I got out of the entire experience.
Granted, it's not our best work, but we still spent a lot of time working for this man, only to have lied to several times and never saw any money from the work we had done.
The books were printed on Xerox copiers at 72 DPI, the fonts used were default ones from the Microsoft library, like Comic sans and papyrus, which anyone in the industry knows you do NOT use those for final works, And even after that, we found out that the printer service that he used was never even paid as well, leaving a huge bill of 2000 dollars to this local company.

This was a Minnesotan operation, so all the artists were local ones, and so was our launch, which had a raffle and our poorly printed books, with fake ads from Target, Barns and Nobel and Jones soda, on sale. He made a little over a 1200 dollars on that day, and no one was paid, prizes were never given out to anyone from the raffle.

What I don't understand is why he did this, the money made wasn't worth the time put in.

We are trying to contact Target and let them know of the Ad's and what else we can do. Right now I'm just trying to get the word out because we can't afford lawyers.
I have several links I can offer to, first off the

companys website

Their  facebook page :…

Our page Against it:…

And Kate Manske's blog post on it, for more information :…

I'm not asking for money, just help spreading the word and any advice people can give for us in this situation
So, I've been pretty quiet for the last few months, mostly due to working on a huge project with a local company known as "Underdog comics". As Interesting as it has been, I've decided to take a temporary leave from the company to focus on School,getting a job and overall life sorting.

So maybe Ill also be able to post more often here and possibly get back into participating with :iconentervoid:

I do miss you guys.
Help a chika out, will ya?

I'm currently trying to save up some funds to help me move. Obviously five dollar commissions won't pay rent, but they'll help me with other needs. Such as food,cleaning products and basic items I'll need when living on my own.

I'm trying very hard to get out of this small two bedroom apartment with my family, so any bit can help. Send me a Message and we can discuss things. I'D LOVE TO DRAW FOR YOU!